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Driving the Disks: RAID 0 and RAID 1 Explained

Ever since cloud computing emerged, companies have made the effort in transitioning local software and files to a remote counterpart. Now we are reaping the benefits of it, from enterprise file synchronization and sharing to various other cloud-based services such as online

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Production Techniques that Improve Your Videos

Videos are an important marketing tool because of the sensory experience they provide your target audience. A video done right will boost your conversion rates and convey your brand message effectively. It is also easy to consume because all a

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Ordinary Things You’ll Get Paid to Reuse

Why throw things into the bin if you can repurpose or reuse them? Help conserve the environment by reusing items that you would usually discard. You can also make additional cash for worthy causes. If you are looking to make

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the barcode has come a long way

The Barcode Has Come a Long Way

It started off as a price tag to help grocery workers compute the total cost of an individual’s purchase. But the barcode has become something more thanks to technology. Today, people use this invention in a number of interesting ways.

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interior design planning

Should You Hire an ID or Choose to DIY?

For sure, you already have a mood board of how you want to decorate your home. The question now is: should you DIY, or should you hire an ID? The question is a valid one. People have varying descriptions of

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an armed force member holding a miniature house

VA Loan: What is it and How Does it Help?

Buying a house is perhaps one of the biggest expenses an individual will incur in their lifetime. The cost of buying a home is usually high and will require most buyers to look for loans and other means of financial assistance. Good thing,

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