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What Does the New Normal Look Like for Healthcare?

What objectives should hospital and healthcare system boards of directors concentrate on to prepare for the year 2021 and beyond in these unusual times? As businesses navigate through the pandemic, we anticipate that continuous disruption will be the norm. Pathways

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Creatives in Tech Shouldn’t Be Underrated

It is scientifically proven that we like aesthetically pleasing things. It is because we often find it easier to use something that looks pleasing to the eyes than those seen as “ugly.” It is, of course, different when we talk about

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google search

Learning Google’s Semantics

When it comes to search engines, one of the most common people ask is, “How do you get a website to Google?” The simplest answer is search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is a process of improving the website so that

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data centers

Data Centers: How They Become a Green Alternative

During the pandemic, the digital transformation of businesses increased rapidly as most transactions shifted online. Companies became data-centered and data-driven, gathering and creating more data for processing, analysis, and use in the supply chain, operations, marketing, customer service, and other

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woman teaching elderly how to use a laptop

Technologies for the Aging Population: What Elders Need

According to the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), senior citizens contribute a total of $7.6 trillion to the economy of the United States. That makes them a significant financial force in the country. Reports also claim that this pattern will

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Key Improvements in Industrial Work Safety

Maintaining safety in the workplace is one of the biggest obligations of every employer, regardless of the industry. This is especially true for operations that are inherently unsafe, such as those in the mining, industrial, and electrical fields. With emerging

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people using gadgets

Tech Innovations Highlighted by the Pandemic

The pandemic highlighted tech innovations that gained prominence due to the situation. These technologies kept people safe from the virus, which affected more than 33 million Americans across the country. These innovative solutions also allowed many businesses to weather the

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scaling profitability

Essential Business Solutions that Can Scale Your Profitability

Throughout the years, technological advancements have enhanced the speed and efficiency of corporate processes. Businesses are currently in the industry of acquiring, managing, and improving assets. Furthermore, they look for and develop new sources of labour to supplement their current workforce. Another

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