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Packaging water bottles into a box

The Best Products for Effective Merchandising

One of the significant ways to generate income as a side business is merchandise sales. Great merch is critical; merchandise can be the difference between breaking even on a show or making a profit. With that said, here are some

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Receptionist giving tourist information to hotel guests upon arrival

Improving Guest Experience in Four Smart Ways

One would agree that the hotel industry has become increasingly competitive these days. This is partly because many establishments now offer accommodations at a cheaper price. How can an owner step up their game to increase the number of their

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fragile sticker in box

How Great Packaging Boosts Your Brand

If your business depends on selling a physical product to your target market, then the role of packaging in pushing your brand can’t be overstated. Your average supermarket shopper passes by around 600 items per minute; that means every piece

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graphic design

Starting Your Graphic Design Business

You’ve been working for a midsized advertising company as head of the graphic design team. Your portfolio includes projects with a variety of clients, such as retail stores, bakeshops, commercial lawn services, accounting firms, and suppliers of medical equipment. It’s

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