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couple reviewing loan contract

Did More Singaporeans Get Loans During the Pandemic?

Singaporeans are big shoppers. Recent research revealed that 73% of them own at least one credit card and that 37% of them use it several times a week. Food, clothing, electronic devices, and shoes were the top products Singaporeans purchase using their

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sculpture museum

The Business Side of Selling Art Online

Artists have not been able to indulge in the romanticism of the absent-minded art-obsessed creative for decades now. They have had to be just as business-savvy as any high street shop owner. Selling art nowadays requires business knowledge, understanding spending trends, and

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store owner opening her shop

How to Make Your Store Look More Appealing

The advent of the internet has made a lot of businesses turn their brick-and-mortar stores into virtual shops. While many have already done the shift, having a brick-and-mortar store still has a number of benefits. Indeed, even though business trends

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