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couple reviewing loan contract

Did More Singaporeans Get Loans During the Pandemic?

Singaporeans are big shoppers. Recent research revealed that 73% of them own at least one credit card and that 37% of them use it several times a week. Food, clothing, electronic devices, and shoes were the top products Singaporeans purchase using their

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sculpture museum

The Business Side of Selling Art Online

Artists have not been able to indulge in the romanticism of the absent-minded art-obsessed creative for decades now. They have had to be just as business-savvy as any high street shop owner. Selling art nowadays requires business knowledge, understanding spending trends, and

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store owner opening her shop

How to Make Your Store Look More Appealing

The advent of the internet has made a lot of businesses turn their brick-and-mortar stores into virtual shops. While many have already done the shift, having a brick-and-mortar store still has a number of benefits. Indeed, even though business trends

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customer support

Four Trending Services You Need for Your Business

Starting a business will require you to make an effort in many aspects. You will find that you are responsible for securing resources and operations in every department, determining how fast you can commence your venture. However, you might end

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