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Much has been said about how important content is to...
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You can’t deny the effect that the smartphone has on...
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Planning a nature hike for summer should start several months...
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Arts & Media

The True Cost of Weddings in the USA

Marrying the person that you love is a beautiful experience. But planning a wedding is a whole different story. Not everyone can afford an Instagram-worthy wedding, especially if you have other bills to pay. Pulling

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Digital & Tech

Ordinary Things You’ll Get Paid to Reuse

Why throw things into the bin if you can repurpose or reuse them? Help conserve the environment by reusing items that you would usually discard. You can also make additional cash for worthy causes. If

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How to Avoid the Common Types of Maritime Accidents

Maritime accidents are sometimes unavoidable, but mitigating risks is always a good way to prevent tremendous damage. In 2017, maritime accidents caused the death of 1,163 people and $197 million in insured losses. Some of

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