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IS IT SAFE? starring Dave, Tom and Brittney Powell chronicles a CSI-like team which investigates safety accidents, leaving a swath of comedic chaos and destruction in their wake.

To underwrite the cost of producing the series, "Is It Safe?" we're turning to you, our fans, and asking that you make a contribution -- as little or as large as you like -- every bit helps! For any skeptics out there, this is how "The Guild" successfully financed their season 1. So, thank you so much in advance for your support. Click the Paypal "Donate" button and give what you like. Remember, a comedy is a terrible thing to waste....


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Demographic: "Teenage" males from 16 to 35.

The P.O.S.H. (Professional Occupational Safety Hazard) team investigates safety violations and accidents, ineptly causing more damage as a result. P.O.S.H. provides an obscure, well-meaning service'unfortunately, they are a bunch of idiots. The world of P.O.S.H. is very unsafe'largely due to them.

Personal Note:
Dave and I really feel strongly that this taps into the saturation of "procedural" investigative shows and plays off those familiar forms in a fun way, offing a nice mix of surreal Adult Swim humor with a Monty Python take on CSI, Missing, Without a Trace, NCIS etc.. and all those serious investigative shows. This is not a straight parody, but a "jumping off place" which plays on many cultural references from the above mentioned shows to The Saint to Batman to classic silent comedy.

David Beeler - Reginald Syngen-Smithe
Tom Konkle - Budwin W. Yaker
Brittney Powell - Dr. Randi Minky
Benton Jennings - Manservant Hopkins
Charlie Trepany - Young Budwin Yaker
Ben Wang - Reginald's Mentor Master Quickcheese
Randsford Doherty - Pierce
Gino Vianelli - Tak the Saw Victim
Marie Del Marco - Worker at Giant Provisions Meat Packing Area
Betsy Baker - Shopping Cart Lady
Howard Krupnick - Mr. Giant Provisionw
Scott Ehredt - Manager Batwanger
Frank Payne - Club Patron
Carlos Larkin - Cop

Roger Tonry - Director
Roger Tonry - Director of Photography
Paul Wendling - Productions Designer
Tom Konkle - Writer
David Beeler - Writer
Tom Konkle - Music and Editing
Tom Konkle - 2nd Unit Directing
David Beeler - Executive Producer
Tom Konkle - Executive Producer

Original Format:
HD Video