Tom's Acting Resume



Film / Television

City on Fire Lead (Eng Version) Dimension Films
Twin Warriors Lead (Eng Version) Dimension Films
Who Makes Movies? Lead Mere Mortal Films
Flushing Guppies Lead Room 33 Prods
A Western Lead AFI
Seatfillers Lead 647k Productions
Sanctuary Lead Moor Bal Pleez Prods.
Arrested Development
Guest Star Fox
Scare Tactics Series regular Sci-Fi Channel
Spy TV Series Regular Season 1-2 NBC
The Orlando Jones Show Sketch Troupe member FX Channel
McFwap! Pilot Lead MBC Productions
The Animal in Us All Lead MBC Productions
Cinema Chat Lead Hammered Dwarf/Magnetic Wasteland
The Accusation Lead LA Film School


Sketch / Comedy

Double Act Tom Santa Monica Playhouse
Good Night: A Sketchy Play Lead Santa Monica Playhouse
Good Evening Peter Cook Raven Theater, North Hollywood
Owl Stretching Time Various World Premier of Monty Python Sketches
Lester McFwap Various Sketch Comedy Troupe
>>• LA Weekly Pick of the Week
Beyond the Fringe   American Renegade
>>• LA Weekly Pick of the Week
Britcom Lead Comedy Underground
Hey, Hooray for America! Lead Largo



The Passion: Deleted Scenes Claude Re-Establishment Theatre
Edgar Allen Poe's: The Black Cat Lead Raven Theatre
Tom and Clare: A One Woman Show Tom Santa Monica Playhouse
Real Inspector Hound Inspector Hound 3rd Street Theatre
The Wrath of Achilles Agamemnon The Source Theatre, Washington, D.C.


Related Skills

piano • sketch performance • improv • physical comedy • stage combat • strategy and tactics • tennis • baseball • badminton • horseback • snorkeling • archery • firearms • drive a boat • a wide range of dialects and accents



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