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Safety Geeks 3D coming!
Available Now, in 3D!
Safety Geeks: SVI.

Brittney Powell in 3D. Any questions?
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The Safety Geeks: SVI Web TV Movie. Full CAST & CREW list below.


Safety Geeks Accolades

What's Being Said of SAFETY GEEKS: SVI:

"It definitely exemplifies Dave & Tom’s credo: “silly comedy for smart people.”
"All the actors do a really good job. Their performances are quirky and consistent. So much delicious awkwardness."
"a unique environment. It lent its self to humor you normally only see in animated shows."
"...most laughs came from non-sequiturs and witty one-liners, of which there are many."
"Verdict: In the spirit of the show, it gave me a comedic erection. One that lasted over 8 hours."
>>>>>>>>>>- WEB TO WATCH >>>>>>< full story

"I hesitate to compare anyone to Monty Python, because they are legends, that description is well stated. The show is very funny, full of one-liners, and often flying off the rails into the completely absurd. If you’re an Adult Swim or Monty Python person, it should be right in your wheelhouse."
"It’s all great fun to watch." >>>>>> full story
>>>>>>>>>>- Brett Love,

"...mainstream appeal with its one-liners, non-sequiturs and black humor."
"Much of the humor derives not so much from safety and lack thereof but from the wacky characters played by seasoned actors all around."
"hilarious... a lot of fun...." >>>>>> full story
>>>>>>>>>>- Alec Corday,

"Raunchy, wacky and filled up to the brim with one-liners, Safety Geeks SVI is an object lesson in High Camp and a real must-watch for anyone who likes their comedy with a great, big dollop of outrageousness."
"All in all, this is a show that deserves your attention. It’s timing, sense of humor and overall feel put it on the list of top tier web comedies.
" >>>>>> full story
>>>>>>>>>>- Steve Spalding, 93 Studios Screening Room

"well written and brilliantly acted"
"This series is also by far the most ingenious one, with its use of special effects."
" I truly love this series." >>>>>> full story
>>>>>>>>>>- Jeff Elwell, Webseries2Watch

“cool and goofy” >>>>>>full story
“They bring the funny in a very geeky but delightful package and make this reviewer impatient for more.”
>>>>>>>>>>- Mary K. Williams, Blogcritics Magazine

“It's witty and mindless all at once. ” >>>>>>full story
>>>>>>>>>>- Sidney Cozzaglio,

"...undeniably Pythonesque...serious LOLs" >>>>>>full story
>>>>>>>>>>- Ana Hurka-Robles, Tilzy.TV

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More from dave & tom at Myxer

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We'd like to offer our sincere thanks to all the people below who helped to make safety geeks: svi a reality.

David Beeler - Reginald Syngen-Smithe
Tom Konkle - Budwin W. Yaker
Brittney Powell - Dr. Randi Minky
Benton Jennings - Manservant Hopkins
Mary Cseh - Sparky Van Der Graaf
Mark Teich - Sgt. Herbert
Charlie Trepany - Young Budwin Yaker
Ben Wang - Reginald's Mentor Master Quickcheese
Ransford Doherty - Pierce
Miss Laura Hayes - Mama
Steve Tom - Mr. Giant Provision
Jim Woods - Supervisor Batwanger

Frank Payne - Club Patron, Victor Stilton
Chanel Ryan - Nurse
Gino Vianelli - Tak the Saw Victim
Marie Del Marco - Worker at Giant Provisions Meat Packing Area
Chris Gauntt - Electorcuted Cop & Acrobat
Jan Braunstein - Mildred Pickle
Jolyon Reese - Scotty Pickle
Jana Baker - Hot Cop
Amy Godsey - Hot Cop Too
Betsy Baker - Shopping Cart Lady
Howard Krupnick - "Is It Safe?" Provisions
Scott Ehredt - Manager
Carlos Larkin - Deputy Lom
David Calhoun - Warehouse Worker
Eva Tingley - Warehouse Worker
Thor Melsted - Warehouse Worker
Stacy Barnhisel - Shopper
Josh Wright - Warehouse Worker

Roger Tonry - Director
David Beeler - Executive Producer
Tom Konkle - Executive Producer

Vinnie Delaney - Director of Photography
Angie Pop - Director of Photography
John Hale - Camera
Zach Wrobel - Sound
Jordan Durt - Sound
Paul Wendling - Additional Props and Set Pieces
Jolyon Reese - 1st AD
Liz Paulson - Casting
Christen Cracchiolo - Casting Assistant
Tom Konkle - Writer
David Beeler - Writer
Tom Konkle - Music and Editing
Tom Konkle - 2nd Unit Directing
Christopher Gaunt - Production
James Hornsby - Production
Vaughn Murray - Production
Sean Boyle Production
Sarah Choi - Makeup
Katie Tyler - Makeup
Kim Ashley - Makeup
Stacey Coker - Makeup
Adria Tennor - Script Supervisor
Thor Melsted - Visual Effects
Mike Smith - CG & Visual Effects

Tom Konkle
- Visual Effects Supervisor

3D Production - Lumen Actus

Original Format:
HD Video

press inquiries:
Dave Beeler
dave [at] daveandtom dot com