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British chat show host, Brian Forbes (David Beeler), is driven to distraction by the eccentric inventor, Sir Reginald Bo-Hey No (Tom Konkle).


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What the Critics are saying:

"Bottom Line: The Internet is filled with sketch comedy, some of it good, most of it pretty painful, but rarely do you see a show that hearkens back to the best of Flying Circus while still managing to stay relevant. Invention with Brian Forbes is a dry, acid-tongued sketch web series that will leave you laughing from minute one."
"Great writing, awkward pauses and strong acting ties Invention together making it a treat to watch."

>> >> >> >>>>Steve Spaulding, 93Studios Screening Room >> >> >> >>>>full review

"...outrageous inventions that will leave you ROFLing..."
"...inventions so out to lunch, they could only have come from the brilliant minds of two Anglophiles, Dave & Tom."
"The acting is superb and the simplicity of the settings rely solely on the writing… no fancy sets or props. It’s the jokes and the actors who carry it along. And it works. We’re dealing with professionals and there is no questioning that."

>> >> >> >>>>Alec Corday, >> >> >> >>>> >> >> >> >>>>>>>>full review

"It’s nigh impossible to discuss Dave & Tom without invoking England’s mighty Monty Python."
"...this double act plays like vintage Flying Circus..."
"...comedy writ large with an almost swashbuckling sense of wordplay and whimsy."

>> >> >> >>>>Julia Diddy, NewTeeVee >> >> >> >>>> >> >> >>>>>> >>>>full review

"...hilariously loony ...consistently funny"
"This series is very well written."
"A great comedy duo... I continued laughing until the very end."

>> >> >> >>>>Melissa Voelker, Pink Raygun >> >> >> >>>> >> >> >> >>>>full review

Dave Beeler
dave [at] daveandtom dot com

David Beeler - Brian Forbes
Tom Konkle - Sir Reginald Bo-Hey No

Thor Melsted - Camera & Special Effects


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