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The NEW Safety Geeks: SVI Safety Pin-Up Calendar for 2012.

Pre-order your 2012 Safety Pin-up Calendar featuring the lovely Brittney Powell from safety geeks: svi. Perfect as a holiday gift! Keep your workplace safe and appealing! Or hang it in your "Special Private Place." Either way, you'll enjoy 12 months of tantalizing "Geeks" style pin-ups of the hottest blond Minky in safety geeks: svi.

CAFE PRESS Version (11" x 17"):
Price: $22.20 + S&H >>>>>>> BUY NOW
LULU VERSION (13.5" x 19"):
Price: $25.49 + S&H >>>>>>> BUY NOW

Brittney Powell Poster

Safety Geeks: SVI POSTER and other collectable products featuring Brittney Powell... and, time permitting Dave & Tom. :)


Brittney Powell Brittney Powell  Mug etc...

The NEW Safety Geeks: SVI Safety Pin-Up Calendar for 2012.


LG15 logo LG15 Review of Safety Geeks Safety Pin-Up Calendar

Brittney Powell Safety Geeks Pinup CalendarRecently, the Web TV community was all a twitter (see what I did there) over a listing of the hottest stars in web series. Noticeably, absent from the list was Safety Geeks’ Brittney Powell. The only rational I can surmise for such an oversight is that it was a top 5 list, and she would have required two slots. Fortunately, Dave and Tom, the team behind the series, have filled the gap, releasing a Safety Geek’s pin-up calendar. Oh, if only more creators had their foresight.

Brittney Powell Safety Geeks CalendarDespite being a calendar for the series, each cast member is not featured equally; however, I believe, focusing on Brittney Powell was a wise decision. While I am certain there will be a small audience disappointed that there are no cheesecake shots of Tom Konkle, Ms. Powell probably has more broad audience appeal. Also, while the calendar is rather cheeky, it is still tastefully done and can be displayed equally in either a dorm room or disgraced politician’s office. My one complaint, aside from the lack of personal delivery, is that the producers missed an obvious shot, boobs wrapped in safety tape. Oh well, there is always next year, and Photoshop.

The calendar is for sale on Dave and Tom’s website. Also, for those of you wondering, yes this entire article was an excuse just to post the above pictures, and yes, I really am that shallow. Also, check out the series, SafetyGeeks:SVI available on Koldcast.

Posted by Mathieas


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Web Series Pin-Up Calendar? Sure, why not. If you’ve got it flaunt it. Indie comedy series Safety Geeks: SVI launched their very own cal with cast member and former Playboy Playmate Brittney Powell. We’ll have to make room in the office for this one right next to our Tiki Bar TV pin-up cal from Lala (yes, we really have one).



Brittney Powell as Marilyn Monroe

Safety that'll make you stand at attention, even if you're sitting down....