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3 Ways to $ave with Dave & Tom and Go Daddy

GoDaddy LogoIf you have a website or are setting one up, you'll need to register or reregister your domain names. Why not do it with and save some cash?

With our Dave & Tom special promo codes, you can receive money off your order of domain names and services from GoDaddy.

AOC8: 10% off any order not already discounted
AoC9: $5 off orders over $30 on any items not already discounted
AoC10: $7.49 .COM domains and renewals
AOC20H1: 20% off hosting plans

AoCSSL: $12.99 Standard SSL certificates (valid till 3/31/10)

How your Go Daddy Coupons Work:

Simply click on any of the offer links above and you will be sent to the GoDaddy page with the discount code already included. How easy is that?

Or, when you go to GoDaddy, shop and then use your code when you're checking out:
AoC1: 10% off any order
AoC2: $5 off orders over $30
AoC3: $7.49 .COM domains and renewals
AOC20H1: 20% off hosting plans
$12.99 Standard SSL gift certificates - Verifies domain control & secures your site.

These codes work on new domains as well as renewals so bookmark your favorite!

We also highly recommend you think about picking up your real name’s domain. Why would you want someone to own the web address to your name? Or if you have a bussiness, you want to buy the domains that someone might put in looking for you and redirect those to your site. For example, if your site is "Mills Street Tickler" (www.millsstreettickler) people might put in "milstreetickler" and not find you, so it would be wise to register those and direct those customers to you!

GoDaddy promo codes are exclusive. Bookmark this page or make sure to visit back whenever you need GoDaddy domains. We occasionally add limited-time and seasonal GoDaddy promo codes so be sure to check back.

Way to go, GoDaddy!
Go Daddy has become the world's #1 choice for domains by providing innovative, competitively-priced products, delivering the highest quality customer service, and by always appreciating and listening to its customers! Go Daddy offers complete product line, including comprehensive hosting solutions, Web site creation tools, secure SSL certificates, personalized email with spam and anti-phishing filtering, e-commerce tools and more.

SSL Certificate Coupons
If you're doing-- or plan to do-- any eCommerce on your site, you'll want an SSL certificate. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. SSL is the de facto standard for creating a secure, encrypted link between a Web server and a browser, which ensures safe passage of sensitive information, such as credit card numbers. People are getting smart about online security. More and more of them are looking for the padlock icon and “https” prefix in the address bar of their browser before submitting personal information online. If your Web site doesn’t have an SSL Certificate, visitors may leave before making a purchase, creating an account or even signing up for a newsletter. But you can change all that with an SSL from

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